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cbi. >> disney. you will see 60 print. love it. >> weiss? >> take advantage and buy tbf. >> baker boy. >> broadsoft on sdn network space. >> that that does it for us. see us at 5:00 tonight and follow us on twitter. "power lunch" picks up the ball right now. lace them up. "halfti "halftime" is over. >> we promise there is no outage on "power lunch" now. one day the dow is 14,000, the next is the worst of the year. triple digit losses. 122 points down.
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are investors getting cold feet? having seconds thought about the rally? are stocks still cheap? we will see how five star money managers are playing the market. and the money cooler story of the day. the ads, which ones scored touchdowns. which ones bumbled. and did beyonce cause the super bowl blackout? and money does not buy you love, but does money buy the wealthy happiness? a new survey may well surprise you. hi, sue. >> hi, ty. risk off in terms of trading. a lot of fears about europe forcing the debt way off from the 14,000 mark we saw last week. dow and s&p having the biggest drop so far. down 123 points. nasdaq is down almost 40 point. that's almost 1.25 percent to the minus side. s&p down 14 points, almost 1%. bob pisani joins me on the nyse
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trading floor to talk about things. last week we were all looking at dow 14,000. but kenny will come in in a minute. and i have been talking about it. the market is due it pull back. >> it is a mod et pull back. while the global markets pulled back a little, watch exchange trade of funds, which is why i watch them put up big losers today. there is vanguard european fund. look, china, second one, that's the biggest china etf. that's down and indian stocks are down as well. and that's the ixg, global financial stocks. that's the weak base that you've got here. in terms of what's moving, moving on the up side today, no surprise. gold like the spieser gold. long-term treasury bonds. and of course ultra short stock ets, like the sds down there,
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are big ones. if the dow is down today as much as europe is down, italy, the dow would be down 500 points today. that's how much italy is getting hit today and spain, to a lesser extent. i would say the declines in the u.s., fairly modest. given that we moved a thousand point in the month of january. >> kenny was here, director of floor with securities. >> we haven't even traded 300 million shares down here today. that's relatively weak. but you made the point. we were up almost 7% year to date. so off a half percent or three quarters percent is not a reason for anyone to panic but a sense the market was exhausted like we been talking about and that in fact maybe it will test the 1475 level for support on the s&p because it was such a tough level to get through on the way up. >> on the way up. >> let's listen to what les had to say because he is longer term bullish and maybe this entry point. take a look. >> this is a crisis for another
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crisis. we look at again, the market from a cycle of viewpoint, when have you market that started the way this did, consolidated very nicely. now have you exuberant phase, again, i'm still comfortable saying at some point this year, at least 55% possibility. >> all right. 1600 is what he is looking for. is this enough after pull back for an entry point for you? >> any pull back is an entry point. but i wouldn't be surprised. nor would you think investors would be. 1475 is nothing. what is that? 2%. but what people have to start to listen to as we get closer to march 1st and sequester cuts are, what does that look like? does that put more pressure? either way, i think at the end of the year and we have talked about it -- >> what about washington, bob? >> this pull back is pretty shallow. normally you see 3, 4%. >> exactly. >> even traditionally, 5%. >> that's what i'm saying, too much demand out there.
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>> what about washington? europe is headline risk down here today. but to kenny's point as march 1st comes closer, you think you will get your grand bargain, bob? >> yes. >> do you? >> watch the character speech coming pup if republicans are definitely looking down the road to immigrations, taxation issues. they will make a deal on the tax issue. heaven knows on the sequester. we may have the opposite happen. you may get more gummed up. we may get the wheels greased better. i know i'm an optimist on this issue. >> somebody has to be. >> you see eric cantor making that speech. they are finally coming around, scratching their heads, getting ready for 2016, thinking, how do we -- >> how do we get back. >> there is a big investigation at the oldest bank in europe. that's in etly. regulators for italian banks
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when this mess happen said mario draghi. even though there is no evidence he was involved in this, his name is getting dragged in. and in spain, calling on him to resign, a big reformist. so guys who are really important in europe are getting dragged into scandals. >> very quickly. >> don't forget, they are looking to berly scony. stand in one space long enough in italy and will prime minister will come back again and shake your hand. >> thank you very much. ty, over to you. >> thanks, folks. a big sign of confidence is when a company buy be its shares. buying at the bottom and riding the way up. kay la, the most profitable insider trades since it began. >> those portfolios are coming down with the tide. but of all those that have been lifted through this rally to
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14,000, perhaps none more so than the executives and directors who shrewdly scooped up the company shares towards the bottom. not all were this well timed but there were a few notable and profitable trades. first, cheryl sandberg buying starbucks in 2010 when she sat on the board. big gains there. that stock is up 104% since then. j.p. morgan chase ceo jamie dimon, two big buys. he bought $11.5 million in shares, trading around $23 at the time. aiding 17 million in shares last summer. gains in j.p. morgan stock boosted his stake by 62% or about $18 million. perhaps the most astute trade, ceo of las vegas sands, buying in march 2009, the month the market hit bottom at around $3 per share plunking $37 million
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alone. a tidy gain of 1,700 percent. >> wow, that is how the smart get smarter and richer. >> but you have to have the skash to start with. >> absolutely right. bob pisani noticing that stocks were cheap, so is this a good time to buy on the dip, like today. if so, where can you find value? right now our guest says in this market, the sky is the limit. rich weiss of american century investments, 123 billion in assets mr. management. welcome back to "power lunch." good to have you with us. >> good to be here. thank you. >> you see clear skies ahead? you think this is a time to emphasize equities? >> no question. if you look at macro economic data, particularly in the u.s. and housing sector, it is a
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classical cyclical economic recovery. there is a broad-based here, home sales, prices, mortgage apps, building permits. very strong economic base combine that with valuations which are at worst, fairly valued in many of the sectors. so we believe there's a lot more room for equities and risk assets to move higher from here. >> say we juflt just looked at portfolio at valuation funds. let's say, over the past three or four years, loaded up on bond or bond fund, what do i do now? pair them back? inflation is coming and mayor higher inflation rates or economic strength will grow and maybe higher interest rates? >> the smart thing we believe for our investors is to always remain well diversified. that means different things for different investors. we have healthy positions and fixed income assets. the durations are moderate so there won't be big losses in and
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when rates begin to move higher from here. but importantly, if and when rates do move higher, it is driven by inflation. so within our global asset allocation fund for example, a healthy degree of inflation hedgeses. be it tips, foreign exchange of any sort to get outside the dollar. so keep your eye on inflation hedging, exposure, if you want to combat rising interest. >> interesting take away for me. let me ask you, among the many things you do for american century is your involvement with the live hedge fund, who had lance armstrong as an endorser. have you seen any affect of the lance armstrong scandal affecting that business? >> not at all. quite the contrary. our live strong funds, target date series, remain top ranked by all of the major objective consultants, morningstar, bright scope studies, because of the
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risk adjusted returns they offer and value they offer to clients. on a broader level, american century remains committed to the global fight against cancer and in fact through our unique ownership structure, over 40% of our profits go to fight kearns and either even based diseases through our ownership by the institute for medical research. so we continue to be proud of the work we do on behalf of cancer fighting and live strong fund is chief among them. >> thank pup rich weiss, we appreciate you being with us. to josh lipton now with a market flash. josh? >> tyler, royal caribbean cruises is choppy after warning that fuel year is below earning estimates. as the cruise ship company recorded a big impairment charge. but bookings are strong. especially in the pups this
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industry had been hard hit by deadly accident last year. song to now down 4%. >> jorn, thank you very much. overnight ratings for the super bowl is out and we will have them for you. then to the did the auto makers score a touchdown with their ad? phil? >> to you have a favorite super bowl ad? i think a lot of people looked at them and said, oh, i liked this one. or that one didn't work. but it they get automobile searchers to look for a certain mod snell we will see who struck out when "power lunch" returns. y guided portfolio summary, you choose which accounts to track and use fidelity's analytics to spot trends, gain insights, and figure out what you want to do next. all in one place. i'm meredith stoddard and i helped create the fidelity guided portfolio summary. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account.
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screen. endco ratings are in and they couldn't be much better. baltimore ravens victory over the san francisco 49ers set a super bowl record for overnight ratings. 48.1 rating and 71 share. that's 1% gain over last year. that is 114.7 million viewers. at cbs request, the ratings figure did not include the 30-minute power outage. let's look at how cbs is trading on today's session. it is lower but a triple digit loss for the dow trading down 36 cents. ty? >> record ratings. good news for advertisers. they spent millions on just one 30-second spot. there were a lot of those spots. auto makers among the biggest contributors. phil lebeau from chicago. phil? >> what is key is getting people to immediately go on-line to go
1:17 pm
to some place like or and look at a particular brand. now who won the biggest search increase? according to, hyundai saw a 1 thousand percent after their ad ran. a particular model in terms of searches, about 245% immediately after an ad runs, mercedes cla got a lot of attention after it ran in the fourth quarter which could be good or bad. last night it was good. they were the number one search according to price coming in at under $30,000. 29,900. in terms of brand searches, lincoln was the big winner. increase of 242%. in terms of people going on-line and saying, i want to know more about lincoln. after the last two years, so much attention paid it chrysler
1:18 pm
because they had halftime in america last year and before that eminem getting a lot of attention. last night two commercials opinion this one, for jeep, was voiced by oprah winfrey and chrysler ceo held a super bowl party last night in detroit. today on detroit radio, he said, we think we met expectations. tyler and sue, they had a lot of people saying, after halftime in america, you can't get any more attention. they believe they succeeded with the jeep commercial. guys? >> certainly seems like they did, phil. thank you very much. let's go o to herb greenburg. he has more on herbalife. >> the new york post suggested that the federal trade commission investigating herbal life. herbalife just responded with a statement. in that statement it says, other than voluntary dialogue with regulators, which we communicated on our january investor day, we are unaware of any other regulatory interest or
1:19 pm
investigation. we are demanding a correction from the new york post. the company went on to say, since its founding in 1980, herbalife has positively impacted the lives and health of consumers. for a direct sales of a company our size we have a low number of complaint to the ftc. however we take every one of them seriously and stand by doing right to our consumers of our product. >> the stock sold off more since you broke that news for us, down almost 4% on the trading session that is not where it started the day. it started the day lower than that. we will watch that one throughout the afternoon. thanks, herb. >> let's talk more about the super bowl winners and losers, not the players of course, but the ad. joining us is legendary ad man, ceo of several super bell spots under his belt. nice to have you here, bell.
1:20 pm
>> good to be back, thank you. did you have a favorite ad from last night? >> you know, i thought there very good commercials last night. but one exceptional commercial. and that is the ram truck, then farmers. i thought it excelled on a lot of different levels. >> all right, let's take a look. >> on the eighth day, god looked down on his planned paradise and said, i need a caretaker. >> let's talk a little bit about why you think that commercial was so effective. obviously very well done. why do you think it resonated with so many people? >> i think it promoted a set of values and ideals that are epitomized by the american farmer. and by doing so, i think ram not only said, hey, we understand those values and ideals, but they said to america we share these values and ideals.
1:21 pm
i think it was just a masterfully crafted commercial. from the very first shot of the cow standing out in the frozen field, to the guys' hands all naturaled and cracked fingernails to family gathering around for dinner. and then, gosh, paul harvey's voice -- >> yes. >> i forgot how great that voice was. >> absolutely. and beautifully shot too. >> right. go ahead. just think it is so rare that america stands for days and i think consumers are looking for corporations to stand for something and i think ram did it. mentioned earlier in the broadcast, chrysler has done it to us three years in a row now. first with the eminem spot in detroit pb then halftime with america. this time with the jeep spot but also this ram truck spot. >> we have time for one more. tide came in with a very cleaver ad. a lot of people were talking about that around our office. let's take a look.
1:22 pm
>> oh! >> dude, you got montana on your jersey. >> it is. >> this was my husband's personal favorite. >> bill, what did you like about it or not like about it? >> oh, i love this commercial. i think it lef ranls the hype and super system surrounding big sports and so just a great way. i love the ending where the wife washes the shirt because she is a ravens fan. i also love what they did in tweeting, when the black out happened. it says we can't get your black out but we can get your stains out. i thought that was a very clever way. >> they certainly were quick at it. >> yeah. >> bill, thank you. >> thank you. take care. >> ty, over to you. >> my favorite was the ram truck one. my favorite, because of the voice of paul harvey. i totally agree with bill on that. anyhow, $2 billion deal in the
1:23 pm
tech sector. plus be the street making calls today. including google, blackberry and wal-mart. when we come back, analyzing the analysts. were the right kals made? and we're not talking about that holding noncall. [ female announcer ] today, jason is here to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong, all day long sinus and headache relief.
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>> buying acme packet to 2929 per share and 22 percent premium from acme's close. it will bolster the communication to its customers. acme is trading up another $5. oracle is lower by just about 2 percent on the trading day. other networking names on the upnews, broad soft and prcera. all gaining steadily. josh lipton has market flash for us. hi, josh. >> hey, sue. slipping into the red, here is your news. dow jones reporting that the justice department and state prosecutors plan to file charges against saip likely focussing on s&p's mortgage bond rating model. this is the first class related
1:27 pm
enforcement action bit u.s. against a credit rating firm. mcgraw hill down about 2.3% right now. tyler, back to you. >> josh, thank you very much. time to analyze analysts. i'm here with tyler vernon. two tylers for the price of one. built more capital cio, welcome back. let's get to it. let's start with blackberry. formerly known as rimm. the firm raising its price target at 22 share saying we believe blackberry is set for a strong launch. the stock did sell off after that but here it is up a buck 70 and up 60% over the last three months or so. what do you think? >> tyler, i think i had this all wrong. i was actually in ra verizon store a couple weeks ago with the intent to buy a blackberry. not only my tech department but the salesman talked me out of it. it is not only me but people across the country, this brand has just gone away and buyers are not coming back. big play is emerging markets for
1:28 pm
smart phone. the company isn't there. i would rather be on vegas at the craps table than buy this stock. >> could you tell us how you really feel? >> that's how cold it is here in jooers jersey. >> bmo, downgrading google, to market perform from outperform, noting valuation is no longer compelling to value investors year over year shares have increased nearly 30%. what do you think of google? >> we love the stock. but i have to agree with this call. again, for so many reasons this company makes sense. they continue to go. at the end of the day, it is a maturing company. it can't continue with the growth it's had had in the past. if you look since the ipo, there is generally a big disappoint. they will see the opportunity to get in and buy on a general
1:29 pm
price. >> you agree. moving on, j.p. morgan, downgrading wal-mart, cutting price target to $75, adding we believe comps are peaking. three years, shares up. >> it is hard ton like wal-mart in general. i agree with this call. what is going on in the emerging markets growing hand over fists. operating on all cylinders. the valuation is a little bit too high. again we like the stock. we own the stock. we don't think it is any kind of overweight. additionally, we are worried about retailers in general with a tax holiday sub advising. >> cautious on this one. terrific. sue, how to you. >> perfect segue, guys. speaking of wal-mart, we will talk live with one of its board members, chris williams. well get the company's outlook and the treasury department. because he managees a billion
1:30 pm
dollar treasury fund. then, can money buy happiness? not necessarily, if you have a lot of money. rob et frank explains up next.
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welcome back.
1:33 pm
gold prices turning around here at close. up around $5 or so around 15.76 an ounce. an decisive move higher but a change in direction right before we have closing prices. we have seen a change in sentiment. here now, reporting that speculators have cut some of their long positions in the last week. the biggest gainer definitely has been platinum over some course of time and today we heard from anglo american platinum, the world's largest platinum producer, about changes in south africa where 72% of the world's platinum comes from. sue, back to you. >> thank you, sharon. bob pisani joining me here on the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> yeah. 110 points the whole day. >> not going anywhere. >> europe is the week part here. you can see the vanguard european etf down close to 3%. there you go, really it is emerging markets.
1:34 pm
global situation is weak. so that's the fxi. this is realtime. etfs trading right now. there is wisdom tree. that's the epi. down 2.2%. down a hundred points on the dow. but in italy for example, equivalent is almost 500 points. spain, maybe not as bad, but several hundred points in the dow. take a look at sectors down the most here today. a risk off here. you can see the first one of course is financial stocks. second one are coal stocks. fourth one is the toil index here. there is your major sectors risk off today. in terms of what is gaining. sharon had it right. gold trust had good volume. there is treasury bonds of tlt and ultra short stock s, like sds, twice as much on the upside wanted to decline today, all good volume. >> maybe overall volume.
1:35 pm
because we don't have it today. >> that's a good sign when you see a drop of this when you don't have big volume. we sold out last month too. not big volume push too. >> all tired after watching the super bowl. that's what it is. >> thanks, bob. >> to seema mody and nasdaq. hi, seema. >> hi, sue. two reasons we are seeing a sell-off that i'm hearing. first risk off approach to trading and second, profit booking. let's look at losers. with you are highlighting the big deal in tech. a cell site analyst writing that bolsters the positioning in the mobile space. that's been a keyword for facebook strategy going forward. you can see shares down 4.6%. some friend, including grouponing with zynga, pandora, all lower. amazon, ebay, internet stocks recently hitting all-time highs, moving lower for the same
1:36 pm
reason, profit booking. >> thank you, seema. rick santelli at his place at the cme, we have a sell off of equities. are they moving back into the fixed income arena or not? >> they seem to be a lot more interested in buying treasuries today than several sessions. about an equal amount of drop in the basis point verse ut settlement, about half a dozen. i like to look at closes. about one-week yield in the u.s. in germany. if you look at uk, guilt, you can see hovering around 208, it is lower. as the flight to safety seems to have gotten renewed as yields in spain and italy reflect economies. if you look at the etf for munis, also getting life as high tide and fixed income floating all boats. for an exchange quickly, the euro dollar or euro yen, we have come off. about friday this time, trading
1:37 pm
with 137 handle. 135 and last, tyler, it is all yours. >> rick, thank you very much. our power play is ceo and founder of williams capital group, christopher williams. also sits on the boards of wal-mart, caesars entertainment, dartmouth school of business. you're a busy man, chris. >> nice to see you again. >> let's talk about the fixed income, we were just talking off camera about how large companies that have access to capital markets are coming into the debt markets because in part rates are so low. do you expect there to be a continued crush into the debt markets on the theory that we better get in now before rates go up? here is sort after forecast of that. >> i think there will be a fair amount of volume that will continue. because many companies are issuing not simply to refund their existing debt mature its, but also issuing as a means of
1:38 pm
fund ing funding a buy back program. often cheaper to pay the low rates that you're able to pay in the debt markets than even the dividend associated with your outstanding equity. plus you get the benefit of extracting some of your stock -- >> so you go and buy your equity back. >> even from cash flow perspective. a positive transaction in many cases, then reduce the number of shares outstanding. so therefore earnings spread over a smaller number of shares also improving performance. >> this is all nice financial news for large companies. a good sort of financial engineering tools i guess. for middle market companies that don't have that kind of access to the capital markets, what kind of pickle do they find themselves in and what could policy makers or financial services business do to help them? >> sure. what we have seen, for small businesses and even middle market businesses, in 2003, you
1:39 pm
probably saw the largest percentage of commercial and industrial loans lent to that market around 40%. that's a percentage of the total. last year down around 27%. now, i think that in terms of policy makers, given that they often place priorities on obviously when homeownership has been extremely important. now the government through the fed will buy mortgagees a or buy them through various agencies. student loans also, government guaranteed. i think to the extent the fed would look to buy certain commercial and industrial loans through the banks, gives a source of equity. >> just to continue on with tyler's question, really, take it further. when we were approaching the fiscal cliff, both parties used the small business moniker and the main street moniker to
1:40 pm
basically say they were better for main street and better for the small business. tell me how you find the environment right now for the small business owner and what should the government do now to facilitate more bottom line growth for those businesses? >> i think the government has to look at what is the most direct and em pactful way it support small and midsize businesses. when i look at these businesses, there are some businesses when they are so small that they are no longer viable because of the market environment. those are not the ones we are referring to. we need poor management or otherwise poor credit. we are looking at businesses who may be rely on access to capital as one component of just the ongoing operation of their business. so in answer to your question, the environment is one that still consists of, i guess, limited available liquidity and limited available credit rather
1:41 pm
for small businesses, often reflected when you look at national federation of independent business surveys. they always tend to be a lot less optimistic an those of the larger companies. >> chris, among the many boards you're on, biggest company is wal-mart, of course. walla walla smart embroiled in a bribery standal in mexico with ongoing investigations internal and external. what can you tell us about the state of those investigations at this moment, when they might be wrapped up, and whether you fear as a member of the board, that anyone in top management could be so tainted that they might have to be replaced? >> obviously, there's very little i can say at this point other than the company does continue to conduct an extensive investigation into those allegations and will come forward. >> any time line that you can hint at? a matter of months, weeks,
1:42 pm
years? >> i don't want to give a time line. i have an idea of a time line but i don't want it share it at this point. >> chris, if this finance thing didn't work out, you have a future in fm radio. great voice. >> oh, you say radio. >> oh, tv is fine too, the face is fine. thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you. >> time to update headlines for you, ty. dell is lower. our david favor says the buyout deal is around 13.50 a share. getting very, very close. david says negotiations continues with microsoft set to invest some $2 billion. though they will have no governance rights. cabellas losing ground after being downgraded. based on valuation. and hugh hannah moving higher on better than expected q 4 profits. if also top the streets forecast, ty? >> sue, can money by happiness? the wealthier you get. details, next. i'm lorenzo.
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welcome back to "power lunch." investors want to know if invefltors think of yum when they think chicken. updating analysts on chinese government investigation of poultry which hit sales hard at kfc and yum's largest market. guiding for same store sales for and overall, expecting earnings to grow on flat revenues. as we sue how yum fairs versus mcdonald, it should be mas better after a big spend on last night's big gain. it was pretty funny. yum's taco bell ad was a hit as the chain continues to recover in the u.s.
1:46 pm
analyst think the can current quarter will be tough. capital markets maintaining a buy saying yum will recover in china but in the short term, quote, we have a bad feeling about this. tyler? >> we have a bad feeling about this. thank you. today's yahoo! finance question. we asked, how impressed were you with this super bowl commercials? 6% say very impressed. 28% say somewhat impressed. and 66%, a jaded two out of three, mandy, say they weren't impressed at all. >> oh come on. what are people coming to these days. >> i'm impressed with "street signs" every single day. >> love you, tyler. love you. check's in the mail. remember, tv history last april. with cnbc's very first stock strap. we have the winner and the loser. very good sport, joining us on the show. facebook is nine years old today. how has it made its mark on
1:47 pm
society and how will it look nine years from now. and as we said with the super bowl ad, everyone has their favorite and the one they won't like. we will ask a senior ad exec, what worked from an advertising point of view. all those things coming up. top of the hour. back to you in the meantime on "power lunch." >> thank, mandy. see you at 2:00. well, money can't buy you love but it can help in other ways. does money make the rich happy? robert frank is here with very interesting new data. hi, robert. >> hey, sue. benjamin franklin said man who is rich is a man who is contented. but does money make you contented or happy? a new research spectrum group asked people worth $500,000 or more, does money make you happy? in fact it said it didn't. only 21% of those affluent groups said it made them happy. twice that number, 44% said in fact it did not make you happy
1:48 pm
but what is interesting is it depend on how wealthy you are. when you look at the these groups divide need three groups, those worth $500 thousand or more, 5 mill or more, 16 months or more fairly low number says money can make you happy. but a much higher number and wealthy that 5 million or more group said sed that money does make you happy. so the more money you have, the more likely you are going to agree that money makes you happy. to me, happiness is not the goal of wealth. when asked what it means to be rich in america, a vast majority, look at that, over 80% said that more security was in fact the goal of being rich. happiness in a distant second and ranking third at 33%. wealthy taking a very practical view of what money can and cannot buy. what is also interesting is we look at how much income you need to be rich.
1:49 pm
again, 250 and over 450 were two most common numberes. and big variety depending on your wealth level. the very wealthy far more of them said it takes at least $450,000 more. that of course, the number reflected in the new fiscal cliff taxes. in the end, what does it mean, perhaps that enough is never enough. especially for the wealthy. >> i know there is more on if people want to go to the website and take a look. thanks, robert. ty? >> thank, sue. we will tell but one company that got a big boost from the flu season. and did beyonce cause the super bowl blackout? when we come back. >> with fidelity's new options platform,
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pow rundown. european markets second u.s. stocks lower today as earning season begins to wined down.
1:53 pm
is european risk back on the front burner? michelle, do i have to start paying attention. >> it may be. we have silvio, if he becomes leader again, you don't have to worry about austerity. where did they get the money? now the issue after potential scandal reaching the prime minister of spain. that just happened over the weekend. that pushing yields higher. we warned people, look, don't get complacent about europe, time it start paying attention there again. >> brian, what do you think? >> i'm sure they are legitimate concerns but in terms of the cry wolf syndrome in europe it seems if it were serious right now we would be down to 2 to 3% that they are all. we have a big run up of the stock market. >> all right. nfl, talking a lot about player safety over the weekend. nfl now partnering with general electric on concussion resurge.
1:54 pm
a four-year initiative that will detect concussions, nfl commissioner talked about it yesterday, brian. >> yes. you come off a week that if the president add son, he didn't think he would let him play. and the super bowl players saying the game could be gone in 30 years. you have to do something. concussions are a huge issue. you can't eliminate them but ge on the forefront of imaging technology. maybe there is something for helmets. this is good for perception and reality. >> i think ultimately football survives or doesn't survive, based on the individuals who may be decide whether or not they are actually going to play. when football started, maybe we didn't know the consequences. now we are beginning to know the consequences. it is up to people if they are willing to take the money for risks they face down the road. i think we will see that over time. does football have to be as violent to be as attractive? i don't know. >> mothers will dictate the
1:55 pm
future of football, guaranteed. >> good point. >> good point. >> owner of cnbc's parent, nbc universal. finally, beyonce. spectacular halftime show. we have to ask, did she cause the blackout? i know i add power surge. >> i think it is self evident. she walks into the room and shell suck up every ounce of energy pip never want to have to be in the same room as beyonce. >> wait she strutted on stage, that is just like michelle coming on to the set. she does have a strut, michelle caruso-cabrera does. i will say that for sure. the nfl says that is not the case, she doesn't cause it. but if there was a power surge and it sucked up energy and then it was gone, maybe there was something to it. but the nfl, as of an hour ago, said she did not have anything to do with it. >> i thought it was beautiful,
1:56 pm
camera work was just amazing. it was the cam ro work i was paying attention to. sue, help me. >> i'm sure 2 was, ty, absolutely. >> let's talk about clor ox, shall we? strong quarter for that company. stock at historic highs. soundly beating estimates because the severe flu season boosting sales of disinfectant wipes. stock up about 1 1/3 percent. clor ox's ceo will be on here on cnbc. >> and. man behind the broadway hit "the lion king." car running like new? you ask a ford customer. when they tell you that you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service instead of any one of those other places out there. they are going to take care of my car because this is where it came from. price is right no problem, they make you feel like you're a family.
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